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Psychology and Human Behavior

We explore the use of psychological and social processes in System Dynamics models. They lead to a deeper understanding of a problem. And enhance theory and practice in psychology, history and other social disciplines.

We support members through a variety of initiatives. These include networking, education, collaborative modeling projects, and manuscript consultation and review.

Our members are diverse. Their expertise includes social science, mathematics, physics, public health and psychology.


Pascal Gambardella, PhD (

David Lounsbury, PhD (

Daniela Cialfi, PhD (


Our resource page contains material from our past Modeling Psycho-Social Dynamics Workshops (2020 and 2017). This includes models, YouTube videos and an interactive mind-map of the 2020 session. The 2020 workshop covers activities that transform psycho-social constructs into stock-and-flow structures.

Annotated Bibliography: Modeling Psycho-Social Dynamics. Gambardella, P. J., & Lounsbury, D. (2020). The references in this annotated bibliography result from a literature review.

SIG SDS Slack Group. To join our slack group, contact Pascal Gambardella (


We meet on-line about ten times during the year. If you would like to present your work during these sessions or be on the “session mailing list” for them, please contact Pascal Gambardella (

The Psychology and Human Behavior SIG of the System Dynamics Society is open to all, not just Society members, so we encourage participation. Create a free account on this website to join if you haven’t already.