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Economics SIG

Economics Special Interest Group (SIG)

Join us to analyze economic systems, develop early problem recognition skills, and evaluate policy impacts using System Dynamics and systems thinking!

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Learn more about the latest developments in the economics field and how System Dynamics and systems thinking make an impact.


Careers in Economics using System Dynamics

SIG Members

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Find economics-related bibliography. Add articles or books.

Economics courses using System Dynamics. Add courses.

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The Society offers a referral service to match members offering services with those looking to learn or apply systems thinking or System Dynamics. Fill out the form to show your availability.

Looking for a Systems Consultant? Fill out this form and we will follow up with a call and, soon enough, the right person for the job.

Learn more about our Training Services and Consulting Services available to meet your needs.


Friendly journals to publish your System Dynamics, economics-based work. Check out “Publisher” in our bibliography to find further publishing options.

The E-SIG supports and promotes System Dynamics threads in a number of conferences and other events.


The E-SIG was approved in November 2016. Check out the charter to learn more about it.

The purpose of the SIG is to focus on understanding the economics system, with three long-term goals in mind:
– The promotion of system dynamics as a tool to analyse economics systems and policy.
– The development of a repository of case studies, models and other resources for practice and teaching.
– To work as a group to spread the use of system dynamics through the economics community both in practice and in academia – via for example workshops, targeting economics-related conferences and journals and development of case studies with policy impact.


Contact the E-SIG organizers at