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The System Dynamics Society Hackathon is an event that brings together practitioners, researchers, and students to collaborate and develop solutions to complex problems using the System Dynamics methodology. The event is typically held in conjunction with the International System Dynamics Conference. 

This a unique opportunity for participants to work in teams, develop new skills, and apply System Dynamics to real-world problems. Participants come from various backgrounds, including academia, industry, and government, and bring diverse perspectives and expertise. 

Our hackathons typically last for one or two days, during which time teams work to develop and present solutions to a specific challenge or problem. The challenges are chosen based on their relevance and importance to society and can cover a wide range of topics, from environmental sustainability to public health to social justice.


Win prestigious recognition and cash prizes.


Connect with peers around the world


Apply System Dynamics techniques to real-world problems


Showcase innovative ways to apply System Dynamics


Use your creativity and contribute to the field

Previous Hackathons

Read more about winners and past hackathon topics

#3 2023 PwC Mark Paich Hackathon

July 2023

The System Dynamics Society and PwC US joined forces to hold a hackathon event that brought together practitioners, researchers, and students passionate about the System Dynamics methodology. The 2023 PwC Mark Paich Hackathon explored two pressing challenges for our society with a unique lens, fostering diverse ideas, innovation, and creativity. The challenge themes were Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) and Individualized Healthcare.


PwC US 2023 Society and Conference Sponsor - ISDC

#2 Hack to the Future: A Soy Market Challenge

September 2020

As part of a System Dynamics Hackathon in partnership with the System Dynamics Society and the University of Bergen in Norway, the United Soybean Board (USB) and U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) were pleased to present Hack to the Future: A Soy Market Challenge!

Organized by the University of Bergen Norway and Past-President Birgit Kopainsky



#1: The First System Dynamics Hackathon (that we know of!)

In June 2020, more than 100 System Dynamicists gathered online with short notice and only 48 hours to develop a System Dynamics model to help the City of Bergen, Norway, achieve its objective of eliminating the use of all fossil energy sources by 2030.  Participants were provided a simple causal loop diagram developed by the University of Bergen organizers in conjunction with local municipal experts to help bound the problem.  Society President and University of Bergen Professor Birgit Kopainsky and others led this innovative session that demonstrated that System Dynamics models and insights can be completed under a tight time frame.  The winner of the 500NOK hackathon prize was Pradeesh Kumar K.V. who presented a System Dynamics model that clearly illuminated the tradeoffs.

Click below to read more about his award-winning entry.

Sponsors:  University of Bergen & City of Bergen