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China Chapter

On behalf of Chinese SD scholars, SD students and those with interest to SD, we would like to express our deepest sorrow for the loss of Professor Jay Wright Forrester. The sad news, both in English and Chinese, passes on China social network and instant massage groups, where many people shared their great shock for the passing away of Professor Forrester on November 16, 2016. We still can’t believe that we have lost such a pioneer in SD and such a nice leader and teacher.

Professor Forrester’s contribution in the field of System Dynamics is invaluable. His works, such as “Industrial Dynamics”, “Principles of Systems”, and “Urban Dynamics” are still widely used in teaching and researching. Even though many of us have not met him in person, we all respect and admire him in our heart.

Please accept our deepest grief for the great loss. We will remember him always.

Below are some of the memories, thoughts and reflections from the members of China Chapter.

Sincerely yours,
China Chapter of SDS

It was a great shock getting to know that Prof. Jay W. Forrester passed away. I have met Prof. Forrester in SD conference several times and I am looking forward to hearing his talk next year. However, it is impossible now. But the method he developed and the role model he set will continue to guide me in the future. The best way to remember him is do good research work using System Dynamics and spread the method to more people.
—— Ying Qian, Shanghai University, Member of SD Society from China Chapter

Deeply cherish the memory of Jay W. Forrester,Continuing explore the mechanism of dynamic and evolution for the complex world and system.
—— Jianguo Jia, Member of SD Society from China Chapter

System Dynamics opens up a new world to me. We lost a visionary, but the way we see the world will go on. R.I.P.
—— Haiyan Yan, Shanghai University of International business and Economics, China Chapter Representative

System thinking, based on System Dynamics the field which Prof. Jay W. Forrester founded sixty years ago, is a kind of new language and innovative thinking methods for modern leaders and managers. It benefits all of us and lets your name live forever in our minds. R.I.P.
—— Zhaoliang Qiu, Member of SD Society from China Chapter

You lead me into the nonlinear complex world with system thinking, system structure decision system function in 2000 year. Since then, System dynamics to be my effective and amazing research tools. I will continue the road to System Dynamics with my students. Heaven has a great master of system science, R.I.P.
—— Dong Mu, Beijing Jiaotong University;Zhiping Du, Beijing Wuzi University

Prof. Forrester passed away peacefully, however his great minds System Dynamics will be handed down from generation to generation.
—— Wang Chao, Beijing University of Technology

Thank Prof. Forrester for bringing us into SD world, which initiated a new horizon and new methodology to understand the complex world.
—— Yijun Huang, Beijing University of Posts &Telecom

Prof. Forrester will always live in our hearts, who created the System Dynamics providing a new method for the human exploration of complex world. We will continue to move forward in the field of System Dynamics.
—– Bibin Leng, Member of SD Society from China Chapter

We will commemorate Prof. Forrester his foundation and remarkable contribution to System Dynamics.
—— Xiaojing Liu, Ph.D. student from The University of Auckland

Thanks for Prof. Forrester’s remarkable contribution to System Dynamics. We will try our best to systematically master the SD method and successfully apply it in our research.
—— Liqing Li, Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal University

Mourn Pro. Forrester! Thanks to his invention of the SD method that will bring us into a world of scientific research. We will continue to carry forward it in our research.
—— Jing Mu, Tianjin University of Science and Technology

Dr. Forrester’s life and work changed the way we understand our world and its phenomena, his legacy will live on for years. May he rest in eternal peace.
—— Chang Liu, Ph.D. student from Nanchang University