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System Dynamics Resources

Articles & Books

Get involved and develop your skills in System Dynamics and systems thinking

The Society’s Journal

Find System Dynamics publications

A special list to learn more

Papers from all our Conferences

Precursor of the System Dynamics Review

A collection created by the founder of System Dynamics


Find short videos of senior modelers of high-impact commercial applications of System Dynamics.

In the Successful Applications, you will find robust applications of System Dynamics that have made a big impact in the real world. 

The XMILE (XML Modeling Interchange Language) describes a standard format for sharing and distributing System Dynamics models. 




Frequently used tools used in System Dynamics, both open-source and proprietary

build and simulate dynamic models

Core Software

Simulate on your internet browser

Web-Based Tools

Latest Blog Posts

Find articles written by our members, webinar recordings and more

Career link

Jobs in System Dynamics, systems thinking, and related fields

Company profiles

Organizations using System Dynamics and systems thinking 

University Profiles

Universities teaching System Dynamics worldwide. Find a degree for you 


One of our missions is to support everyone in our community to develop their careers. You can browse our career link and discover job opportunities worldwide.

We have a close relationship with various universities and companies around the world. Find a degree in System Dynamics and research opportunities.

other resources

Videos to boost your skills

Groups to keep you connected

System Dynamics work on the pandemic