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WANT TO Apply Systems Thinking in Your Organization?

This page is for all Champions and CEOs who use or want to use models or maps developed by System Dynamics experts or hire people to create models or maps for you.

why system dynamics ?

Decision-making in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world is hard. System Dynamics helps you to develop a smart strategy by enabling you to identify, structure, and provide solutions to problems that need to take into account:

Holistic view

Short- vs Long-term effects


Chain of reactions

Unintended consequences

Feedback effects

major forces that can affect key outcomes

Identify and quantify
consequences in the short- and long-term, years or decades into the future

pros and cons of various options

reactions of all affected parties, and the reactions to those reactions

unexpected consequences not previously considered or intended

reactions (good or bad) that build upon themselves in reinforcing effects (vicious and virtuous cycles) or balance out 

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who ?

Companies, non-profit organizations, and state departments all over the world are using System Dynamics to increase profit, better serve communities, and implement long-lasting change

how ?

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applications & cases

General Motors OnStar

General Motors OnStar

In 1997, System Dynamics was used to fundamentally re-design a business strategy for General Motor’s OnStar service. Through investments and policies suggested by modeling work, OnStar became the industry leader in vehicle telematics. The market value of OnStar is now in the billions. This remarkable success is almost entirely due to the effective application of System Dynamics.

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Polio Eradication

Polio Eradication

Our analysis provided “a nail in the coffin for the idea that there is a cheap and painless way out”. Since then, efforts have continued to focus on finding the resources needed to complete eradication and on dealing with the other complex challenges that remain. National and global health leaders and financial supporters have recommitted to completing eradication, and this has led to several hundreds of millions of dollars of resources.

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The model simulations suggest four characteristic dynamics of the diabetes population: Obesity’s role in driving the growth of prediabetes and diabetes prevalence; the “backing up” phenomenon that may undercut the benefits of management and control efforts; management and control efforts alone are unable to reduce diabetes prevalence in the long term; delays between primary prevention efforts and downstream improvements in diabetes outcomes.

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Process Innovation at Du Pont

Process Innovation at Du Pont

Process Innovation at Du Pont Client Du Pont Authors/Consultants Repenning NP, Sterman JD Improvement programs such as Total Quality Management are embraced by many organizations but are often discontinued before full benefits can be reaped. With ever-increasing...

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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Client Ministry of Justice, the Netherlands Authors/Consultants Rouwette EAJA, Vennis JAM, Van Hooff P, Jongebreur W In 2003, Significant consulting and the Methodology group of Radboud University Nijmegen started a modeling project for the Ministry of Justice in the...

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Maintenance Improvement at ONEgas

Maintenance Improvement at ONEgas

Maintenance Improvement at ONEgas Client ONEgas Authors/Consultants Venderbosch T, Rouwette E ONEgas is a company owned by Shell and NAM and is responsible for gas production in the Netherlands. This modeling effort focused on the maintenance process in ONEgas. The...

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State Planning in Sarawak

State Planning in Sarawak

State Planning in Sarawak Name State Planning in Sarawak Modeler Brian Dangerfield Client Sarawak State Planning Unit Client Type Government The Issue You Tackled The Centre for Operational Research & Applied Statistics at the University of Salford was awarded a...

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