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Model Analysis

Special Interest Group on Model Analysis (SIG-MA) aims to bring together the members of the System Dynamics Society who are interested in the development, use and advancement of formal model analysis methods and tools in System Dynamics. It can simply be stated that what brings SIG-MA members together is their interest in integrating mathematical and computational approaches to the System Dynamics practice in order to enhance modelers’ understanding of their model’s behavior  as wells as the link between this behavior and the underlying structure.

How to Join

SIG-MA is open to all, not just Society members. You can become a member of SIG-MA whether you are a member of the society, or not. In either case, go to If you are not already registered (you do NOT have to be a Society Member), you need to register first in order to log in. Once you log in to the SD web portal, select the Update Contact Information option. At the bottom of that page, you will see a list of chapters and SIGs. Check the box next to Model Analysis SIG, and save changes. 

Communication Channels

Current SIG-MA Respresentatives are Gönenç Yücel (Boğaziçi University) and Jim Duggan (University of Galway). You can contact SIG-MA representatives via We also have a newsgroup for SIG-related announcements such as new publications and conference calls. If you want to receive such SIG-related announcements, just let us know and we will add your name to the newsgroup. Finally, we have the SD forum for model analysis related discussions. We highly recommend you to register to the forum as this is the main environment where we discuss. You can post new topics, and subscribe to the existing ones in order be keep informed about new posts.