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Past Conferences

The Society’s annual international conference is held alternately in North America and Europe, with occasional appearances in Asia and the Pacific Rim. These conferences, and the meetings of local chapters and interest groups, introduce newcomers to the field, keep practitioners aware of current developments, and provide unparalleled networking opportunities.

2023 Chicago, IL, USA
2022 Virtually and in Frankfurt, Germany
2021 Virtually in Chicago, USA
2020 Virtually in Bergen, Norway
2019 Albuquerque, NM, USA
2018 Reykjavík, Iceland
2017 Cambridge, MA, USA
2016 Delft, Netherlands
2015 Cambridge, MA, USA
2014 Delft, Netherlands
2013 Cambridge, MA, USA
2012 St. Gallen, Switzerland
2011 Washington, DC
2010 Seoul, Korea
2009 Albuquerque, NM, USA
2008 Athens, Greece
2007 Boston, MA, USA
2006 Nijmegen, The Netherlands
2005 Boston, MA, USA
2004 Oxford, England
2003 New York City, USA
2002 Palermo, Italy
2001 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

2000 Bergen, Norway
1999 Wellington, New Zealand
1998 Québec City,Canada
1997 Istanbul, Turkey
1996 Cambridge, MA, USA
1995 Tokyo, Japan
1994 Stirling, Scotland
1993 Cancun, Mexico
1992 Utrecht, Netherlands
1991 Bangkok, Thailand
1990 Chestnut Hill, MA, USA
1989 Stuttgart, Germany
1988 La Jolla, CA, USA
1987 Shanghai, China
1986 Seville, Spain
1985 Keystone, CO, USA
1984 Oslo, Norway
1983 Chestnut Hill, MA, USA

Early System Dynamics Research Conferences

1981 Rensselaerville, NY, USA
1976 Geilo, Norway