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Taiwan Chapter

taiwan chapter

系統動力學 臺灣分會

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The objectives of the Taiwan Chapter of the System Dynamics Society

Identify, extend and unify knowledge contributing to the understanding of System Dynamics and its applications.

Promote the development of the field of System Dynamics and the free interchange of learning and research in all related fields.

Encourage and develop educational programs related to the field of System Dynamics and its applications to the industries and talent developments with universities.

Support the principles and practices of Sustainable System Development and government-academia-industry collaboration in regional and industrial practices with Sustainable Development Goals.


Prof. Dr. Min-Ren Yan

Professor of Management, College of Education, National Chengchi University, Taiwan.

President Emeritus, iiLABs, Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Academy, USA.

advisory Committee

Homin Chen, Distinguished Professor, College of Management, National Taiwan University.

Jong-Tsong Chiang, Professor Emeritus, National Taiwan University.

Cheng-Ta Wu, Director of EAP Institute, College of Education, National Chengchi University.

Li-Chung Jen, President, National Taipei University of Business.

Organizing Committee

Lin-Ya Hong, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.

Fang-Lan Huang, iiLABs Taiwan Society for Sustainable System Development.

Hsien-Jung Lee, University of Liège.

Hung-Hsun Lin, China University of Technology.

Ling-Ju Lin, iiLABs Taiwan Society for Sustainable System Development.

Yi-Ching Lin, Taipei University of Marine Technology.

Ying-Chen Lo, Chinese Culture University.

Jia-Wei Tang, National Penghu University of Science and Technology.

Chi-Chen Tsai, iiLABs Taiwan Society for Sustainable System Development.

Chun-Han Wang, Chinese Culture University.

Fang-Chi Wu, iiLABs Research Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan.

Fang-Yu Yan, Policy Research Project Office, Taipei City Government in Taiwan.


Leading a better future with sustainable system development


響應聯合國SDGs永續發展目標,永續系統發展論(Sustainable System Development, SSD)係以人本為核心,強調共同願景的系統領導行動和產業創新實踐,以持續促進經濟發展、社會福祉、環境永續正能量。在SSD永續系統發展架構中,每位參與者都是深具貢獻的系統領導者,並能從不同角色致力於三個重要資產存量的建設累積:(1)知識資本,(2)人才資本,(3)國力資本形成(包含產業資本、社會資本、環境資本、文化資產等)。依正向回饋循環形成可持續發展的共創價值系統。

organizer 主辦單位