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Email Distribution Lists

K-12 school issues:

To subscribe send an email to with only “subscribe k-12SD your full name” in the message body.

Spanish language communication:

Send an email (without a subject) with the message “subscribe” to

Policy Informatics Network:

To subscribe send a blank email message to the following e-mail address:

Powersim Studio User Group

A free and independent group of more than 600 Studio users. Models, tutorials, and Q&A.


K – 12 Education: Creative Learning Exchange

Vensim Overviews and Links

Introduction to System Dynamics

Jay Forrester: “strategy+business” magazine article “The Prophet of Unintended Consequences” by Lawrence M. Fisher.
For access, one must register with email address, a password, and name.)

Oral History of the SD Society 

Mindseye Computing Resources

MIT Sloan School of Management, Management Flight Simulations

System Dynamics Lab at Virginia Tech Tutorials

Tom Fiddaman’s Model Library

transentis management consultingBusiness Prototyping Blog

The Systems Thinker: Containing a completely free library of 800+ System Thinker articles

Videos of Historic Interest: All videos can be found here.