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Jay W. Forrester

Jay W. Forrester

1918 – 2016

Jay Wright Forrester was a pioneering American computer engineer and systems scientist. He is credited with being one of the inventors of magnetic core memory, the creator of the first computer animation, and the father of the field of System Dynamics.

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# Author Affiliation
1 John Morecroft London Business School
2 Peter M. Senge Society for Organizational Learning
3 David Schmittlein John C Head III Dean, MIT Sloan School of Management
4 China Chapter System Dynamics Society
5 Agriculture and Food SIG System Dynamics Society
6 German Chapter System Dynamics Society
7 Naiyi Hsiao Chinese System Dynamics Society, TAIWAN (CSDS)
8 Creative Learning Exchange System Dynamics & Systems Thinking in K-12 Education
9 Luis E. Romero Forbes
10 Barkley Rosser Econospeak