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Online Course Catalog

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We have compiled a diverse selection of over 90 online courses in System Dynamics and systems thinking, available in languages such as English, Spanish, and Turkish. These courses range from free to various pricing levels, and we have successfully negotiated member discounts on several options to enhance affordability. Additionally, we encourage the submission of new courses to our catalog. After completing a course, we also invite participants to submit their feedback to help us continuously improve our offerings. 

If you’re a member, please login to access your member discount code:

The Catalog

Our course catalog is hosted on Airtable, allowing you to easily browse our selection. Utilize Airtable’s user-friendly interface to filter, sort, and group the courses based on your preferences, whether you are looking for free, paid, or member-discounted courses. Detailed descriptions are accessible by hovering over each course name and clicking the blue arrows to expand the entry.

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