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Where Do Kids Learn System Dynamics?

Do you want your children to learn systems thinking or System Dynamics? Are you a teacher who is using this methodology in the classroom? Find and add information on this page!


Classroom resources

Creative Learning Exchange

Getting Started with Systems Thinking and System Dynamics in K-12 education. So many resources are available  at the Creative Learning Exchange including books of lessons, simulations, Splash! app, alignment of STEM and Systems Thinking/System Dynamics, useful videos explaining Behavior Over Time Graphs (BOTG), etc.

The Creative Learning Exchange was founded as a non-profit in 1991 by the progenitor of the field of System Dynamics, Jay W. Forrester, to encourage the development of systems citizens who use systems thinking and system dynamics to meet the interconnected challenges that face them at personal, community, and global levels. 

CC Modeling Systems

Three Online System Dynamics courses (with CE credit) that are sequential and asynchronous, each summer. Learn to build SD models.  Lots of lessons and models to use in your classes. The CC Modeling Systems website also contains examples of high school students original model diagrams, technical papers, and videos, some research papers, some free lessons, alignment of SD with US national educational standards, and a video highlighting the reason to use SD analysis in the teaching of secondary school mathematics.

Waters Center for Systems Thinking

Systems thinking materials, workshops, resources for teachers are available at the Waters Center for Systems Thinking.

Systems Thought in Education

Examples of ST/SD work being done in early elementary school education can be found on the Systems Thinking Association in Turkey website. Note: this website is in Turkish but text can be translated to English in a browser.

isee Exchange

There are dozens of SD simulations for Biology by Jon Darkow on isee Exchange  which is part of the isee systems website,

Stella online computer simulation

Stella Online is a free, web-based version of SD modeling software that allows models with a maximum of 12 icons (max of 2 stocks) to be built and executed.

Assessment Tools


Pre-College Education SIG

Connect with the SIG to share experiences in monthly meetings and/or on the email discussion group, learn from webinars, check out the latest events, and more!