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System Dynamics Society


We apply systems thinking, computer simulation, community-based approaches, and learning games to build skills and develop effective strategies for change on diverse social, environmental, economic, and business challenges in an increasingly interconnected and complex world.

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Get involved and develop your skills in System Dynamics and systems thinking

Explore System Dynamics Models

The Society’s Scientific Journal

More than 80 options for learning

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Our Seminar Series covers a wide range of topics across many domains, bringing together academics, practitioners, and students.

The International System Dynamics Conference is where people from all over the world interested in the practice of System Dynamics and systems thinking gather to shape the future of the field.

At our Community Events, you’ll find opportunities to develop skills and connect with the community.

Our global community

Chapters and SIGs bring people with similar interests together to develop workshops, webinars, conferences, competitions, and much more.

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see yourself in system dynamics

Discover what the approach means for the many people who use System Dynamics and systems thinking


Unleash the power of systems thinking in your organization


Apply System Dynamics to real world challenges


Create models that matter to support decision-making


Inspire students to think in systems and solve complex problems


Develop your skills and apply your knowledge in different fields

Latest Blog Posts

Find articles written by our members, webinar recordings and more

Metacognition in Stock-flow Failure

Metacognition in Stock-flow Failure

Metacognition in Stock-flow Failure Considering the nature of problems in dynamic systems, the...

Society Publications

Including books by Jay Forrester and other luminaries in the field. 


Play to impart learning. Find the famous Beer Game and Fish Banks  

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Find books, games, and courses to get you started. We have a selection of materials in System Dynamics and systems thinking.

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