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Call for Presenters: Seminar Series

by | Sep 25, 2023 | News, WiSDom Blog

We at the System Dynamics Society are continually seeking vibrant and knowledgeable presenters for our ongoing Seminar Series. As we unfold the calendar, there’s always a place for more insights, experiences, and expertise to enrich our global community. The floor is open for ideas throughout the year, keeping our series diverse and timely. These seminars are our most popular events and range from 60 (at roundtables) to 560 attendees (at free hands-on seminars).

Present a Seminar

We are seeking dynamic and engaging speakers to contribute to our diverse lineup of events, which cover a wide range of topics including modeling, decision-making, sustainability, and public policy. Our seminars are designed to be accessible to both beginners and experienced audiences and provide a valuable forum for learning, sharing, and collaborating on the application of System Dynamics to real-world challenges.

Reasons to Present

  • Showcase Your Work: Present your research, run a workshop, or lead a hands-on practice session to a global audience.
  • Network and Connect: Engage with academics, practitioners, and students from around the world.
  • Strengthen the Field: Contribute to the promotion of systems thinking and System Dynamics, and help develop skills to effectively apply these approaches.

How to Submit Your Proposal

Submit your seminar proposal anytime by completing the form below. Provide details about your proposed topic, format, and availability. Remember, all seminars and recordings are free for members, and the general public is welcome to join for a nominal fee.

Types of Seminars You Can Lead

Learn more about our type of Seminars and submit your proposal:

Single Presentation: for practitioners and academics who want to showcase their work to our community. We’re looking for high-quality work, especially work with positive outcomes applying System Dynamics and/or systems thinking for better decision-making. For example, Andrew Jones shared his valuable Top 10 Tips to Engage People With a System Dynamics Model with over 250 participants.

Panel: formed by two or more presenters about a single topic aiming at a discussion and exchange of ideas. This format is great for demonstrating the adaptability of System Dynamics in solving complex problems. The System Dynamics for Climate Change Mitigation panel gathered together presenters with different perspectives from Climate Interactive, Millenium Institute, and The Climate Initiative at Umass Lowell.

Workshop: help our community to develop specific skills and engage in intensive discussion on a particular subject. At the beginning of 2021, we had a workshop on Group Model Building Online where a group of researchers shared their experience and materials.

Hands-on Practice: guide our audience on a step-by-step practice. Help them develop specific skills such as basics of System Dynamics modeling, Causal Loop Diagramming, use of software features, and much more. With over 560 attendees, the Introduction to Modelling Process seminar allowed participants to take their first steps in System Dynamics modeling.

Roundtable: we want to hear the opinions of our members on several topics. The roundtable setting helps us give voice to all attendees and hone our efforts on what’s most important for our community. With the help of facilitators and the Miro platform, we were able to gather opinions on How to Get System Dynamics into University Programs.

Sponsor a Seminar

We are continuously looking for sponsors to make more seminars accessible to everyone. Contact us at if your organization is interested in sponsoring a seminar. Join us in making the System Dynamics Society Seminar Series a ceaseless source of learning, sharing, and community building!

Submit your ideas using the form below:

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