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Meet the Team

Rebecca Niles
Executive Director

Rebecca began her career as a strategy consultant at Monitor Company, honed her skills as systems thinking facilitator at GKA Inc, worked as VP of Affordable Housing Acquisitions for Boston Financial, and built her own Systems Thinking consultancy through which she was a key contributor to the ReThink Health Initiative, Climate Interactive’s Agritopia, and Dialogos work for the US Forestry Service. She has spent more than 25 years supporting corporate and philanthropic clients including Vistaprint, Elizabeth Dole Foundation, AT&T, Ford, Smithkline Beecham, Shell, Amoco, and USDA. Her expertise is using collaborative causal mapping and System Dynamics simulation models to help multi-sector collaboratives think together better. Rebecca trained in Systems Dynamics in Jay Forrester’s Pre-College Education Project and John Sterman’s class while pursuing a BS in Civil Engineering and an MBA from MIT. She has served on the Society Policy Council and been a guest lecturer at MIT, Wharton, Dartmouth, and Brown. When not working as systems thinking evangelist, Rebecca loves to travel the world. Pre-covid travels included Mexico, Chile, Morocco, Brazil, Uganda, and Iceland to spend time with school children, whale sharks, camels, street art, gorillas, and waterfalls. When stuck at home, she enjoys gardening, swimming, dancing, and renovating properties.

Raquel Buzogany
Director of Knowledge

Raquel loves to provide the support system for people to thrive. She has developed guidelines and processes for master and Ph.D. students to focus on their thesis and provided support material for System Dynamics classes. As part of the Brazilian Chapter, she has also led a website redesign, opened new communication channels, and just enjoys being part of the SD community. Raquel is also a Ph.D. Candidate at the Università Della Svizzera Italiana (USI); she has received the Dana Meadows Award in 2019 and is further working on her thesis using SD. Her background includes a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Universidade de Brasília (Brazil), a master’s degree in logistics systems engineering from Universidade de São Paulo (Brazil), and another master’s degree in humanitarian logistics and management from USI (Switzerland). When not working or studying, Raquel enjoys reading fiction and biographies, singing in a choir, making travel plans, and spending time with her family.

Fernando Redivo 
Director of Marketing & Communications

Fernando holds a BS in Environmental Engineering and an MS in Environmental Systems both from the New University of Lisbon. He attended a semester of the European Master in System Dynamics at the University of Bergen and developed his thesis in the field. Aiming at developing business skills, he joined L’Oréal for two years and discovered that nothing satisfies him more than meeting new people, developing partnerships, solving problems, and contributing to the overall growth of a business. Since a young age, he has been involved in empowerment programs centered on building capacity in youth to be agents of change. He is passionate about social development and believes in individual contributions to the betterment of the world. His superpower is resilience and his personal mantra is “be calm, be strong, be grateful”. He enjoys Sunday brunches and talking about the future of leadership

Meagan Colvin 
Director of Outreach

Experienced in program management, strategy, research, and management consulting in the U.S. and Chile. Professional with strategic vision, innovation capacity, research, communication, and teamwork abilities. Masters in Social Work degree: Management Specialization; Social and Economic Development Concentration (MSW, Washington University in St. Louis).