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Standing Committees


Executive Committee

Authorities and Duties: The Executive Committee shall be responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the Society in between meetings of the Policy Council and undertaking actions consistent with the Bylaws and Policies that serve the purpose of the Society.

Past President: Paulo Goncalves
President: Shayne Gary
President-Elect:  Brad Morrison
Vice President Finance:  Eliot Rich
Secretary:  Lees Stuntz
Appointed Members:
Raafat Zaini

Composition. The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Past President, President Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, and up to two other Policy Council members as established in the Policies.

Term of Office. The Executive Committee members shall serve a term coincident with their term as an associated officer or as determined by the Policies of the Society.

FINANCE Committee

Authorities and Duties:  The Finance Committee shall be responsible for reviewing the budget and financial activities of the Society. The Finance Committee shall oversee the spending of monies designated or restricted for specific purposes by the Policy Council. Spending in excess of the budgeted amounts from such funds based on unbudgeted contributions shall be allowed so long as the net drain or increase on the fund realized within the fiscal year matches the Society annual budget.

Eliot Rich 2021 – 2023
Bob Eberlein 2021 – 2025
Will Glass-Husain 2021 – 2024

Composition.The Finance Committee shall consist of the Treasurer and two other members of the Policy Council.

QuorumA quorum for the Stewardship Committee requires all but one of the members be present or otherwise included in voting.

Term of Office. The Finance Committee members shall serve a term coincident with their term as an associated officer or as determined by the Policies of the Society.

Stewardship Committee

Authorities and Duties:The Stewardship Committee shall raise funds consistent with the Policies of the Society and identify activities to support the mission of the Society including such things as: underwriting and coordinating research, initiating competitions, organizing apprenticeships, providing scholarships, funding attendance of subject area experts at Society conferences, coordinating workshops, initiating public outreach programs and undertaking other such activities as are consonant with the purposes of Bylaw II. For activities requiring spending, the Stewardship Committee shall seek and obtain the consent of the Finance Committee for plans to use designated or restricted funds consistent with budgetary practices of the Society.

Warren Farr 2021-2027
David Andersen 2021 – 2026
Jorgen Randers 2021 – 2025 (partial term)
Laura Peterson 2021 – 2024
Birgit Kopainsky 2021 – 2023

Composition. The Stewardship Committee shall consist of five individuals who are members of the Society but not employed or otherwise compensated by the Society for any work they do.

QuorumA quorum for the Stewardship Committee requires all but one of the members be present or otherwise included in voting.

Term of Office. Members of the Stewardship Committee will serve five year staggered terms. For the initial membership, and when necessary because of resignation, inability to serve or removal, newly appointed members will serve terms from three to seven years so that each fiscal year one and only one member will have their term expire. An individual may serve at most two consecutive terms on the Stewardship Committee.

Appointments. he Stewardship Committee shall select individuals to fill positions on the Stewardship Committee that will become vacant or have become vacant because of resignation, inability to serve or removal. All such appointments require the approval of the Policy Council before a member can be seated on the committee. Initially, and otherwise if there remain no members, the Stewardship Committee will be populated by a vote of the Policy Council.

Awards Committee

Authorities and Duties:  The Awards Committee shall, with the approval of the Policy Council, establish awards, define the procedures to be followed in making those awards, appoint selection subcommittees responsible for administering the awards, and oversee awards offered by external persons or organizations in conjunction with Society activities. The awards may be in recognition of outstanding work in system dynamics or may take the form of scholarships to promote access to conferences and other activities related to system dynamics.

Selection Sub-Committees: The awards committee may appoint award selection sub-committees responsible for the selection of award recipients. Members of the awards selection sub-committees shall be knowledgeable individuals willing to serve for long terms in order to achieve continuity in the award process. Selection sub-committees serve at the pleasure of the Award Committee.

David Lane (Chair) 2022-2024
Hazhir Rahmandad 2022-2024
Florian Kapmeier  2021-2023
Elke Husemann  2020-2022
Erling Moxnes 2019-2021

Composition:  The Awards Committee shall consist of six members, three of whom are former Presidents or recipients of the Jay Wright Forrester Award and three of whom have served on selection subcommittees, serving staggered three year terms.

Visit our Awards Page

Award Selection Subcommitees

Nominating Committee

Authorities and Duties: The Nominating Committee shall nominate members for offices and positions which the Policy Council determines shall be filled by an election. It shall put forward to the Policy Council suggested replacements for officers and Policy Council members who have vacated positions outside the normal nomination process. It shall maintain a file of members who are qualified to hold offices in the Society.

Past President (Chair): Paulo Goncalves
President:  Shayne Gary
President Elect:  Brad Morrison
Ed Anderson 8/2022-7/2025
Juan Pablo Torres 8/2021-7/2024
Asmeret Bier Naugle 8/2020-7/2023

Composition: The President, Past President and President Elect in office on August 1st shall be on the Nominating Committee with the Past President acting as chair. In addition three other members shall be appointed to the committee for staggered 3-year terms. 

Term of Office:  August 1st to July 31st.


Authorities and Duties:It shall observe the management of the Society from the point of view of compliance with the Bylaws and Policies of the Society. It shall study all proposals for changes in the regulations and shall make recommendations as appropriate. It shall make recommendations to the Policy Council concerning the organization and objectives of the Society. It shall examine all chapter Bylaws and changes thereto for conformity with the the Bylaws and Policies that serve the purpose of the Society.

Brad Morrison (Chair) 2020-2022
Robert Eberlein 2022-2024
Lees Stuntz 2022-2023

Composition. Three members serving staggered three year terms.



Authorities and Duties: The Publications Committee shall assess the quality, timeliness, distinctiveness, and coverage of publications of the Society and its Chapters and of its web site, with respect to the objectives of the Society and its editorial policies. It shall review the policies and practices of the editors and webmaster. It shall recommend to the Policy Council ways of effecting improvements in the publications of the Society and its web site. It shall annually submit to the Policy Council, via the Vice President Publications, a written report on all publications sent to the members or sold to the general public during the previous twelve months.

VP Publications (Chair):  Krys Stave 2021-2023


Sara Metcalf 2020-2022

TBD 2022-2023 (partial term)

Bob Eberlein 2022-2024

Executive Editor:  Andreas Größler 2021-2024

Composition.VP Publications serving as ex officio Chair and three members serving staggered three year terms.

Society Programs Oversight Committee (SPOC)

Authorities and Duties:  The Society Programs Oversight Committee shall recommend future Program Chairs, session types and formats, topics and application areas, and other items related to the scholarly content of conferences. It shall maintain a handbook of best practice that can be used by Program Chairs and others presented to the Policy Council at a minimum annually.

Sara Metcalf (Chair) 2020-2024
Len Malczynski  2021-2023
Krys Stave 2022-2023
Nici Zimmermann  2021-2023
Allyson Beall King  2022-2024
Hyunjung Kim  2022-2025
Susan Howick  2023-2025

Composition. The Society Programs Oversight Committee shall consist of the VP Meetings serving as ex-officio chair, the VP Publications and four additional members serving staggered three-year terms (in such a way that two members change each year), at least two of whom have served as Program Chairs.

Strategy Development Committee

Authorities and Duties: The Strategy Development Committee shall collect and prioritize initiatives to promote growth of the field of system dynamics. It shall submit a report and recommendations annually during the summer Policy Council meeting.

President (Chair):  Shayne Gary
Past President: Paulo Goncalves
President-Elect:  Brad Morrison
Appointed Members:
Jenson Goh 2021-2023
Munaf Aamir 2020-2022
Scott Rockart 2022-2024

Composition.The Strategy Committee shall consist of the President, President Elect, Past President and three members serving staggered three year terms.


Authorities and Duties:It shall coordinate activities of the various chapters in the interest of regional and Society objectives. It shall be responsible to submit to the President-Elect of the Society a recommendation for Chair of the APCC once each year in time for the President to submit a name to the Policy Council for approval, as described in Policy 6, Section 1. The Chair shall be responsible to report annually to the Policy Council on the activities and the chapters in the Asia-Pacific region and other regional matters as shall come before the APCC.

President:  Jenson Goh
Australasia Chapter: TBD
China Chapter:  Haiyan Yan
India Chapter:  Karan Khosla
Japan Chapter:  Yutaka Takahashi
Korea Chapter:  Chang-Kwon (Benjamin) Chung
Raafat Zaini

Composition. The Asia Pacific Coordinating Council shall consist of the presidents or their designated representatives from each of the recognized chapters in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Term of Office. Tied to the term of each participating chapter president or representative.

Additional information about Standing Committees of the System Dynamics Society is available in the Bylaws and Policies.

Appointments:  Unless otherwise specified in the Bylaws or Policies, the chairs of Committees of the Corporation and members to fill vacancies on Committees of the Corporation shall be appointed by the President or other officer with the approval of the Policy Council.

Authority, Tenure, and Membership of Standing Committees: Standing Committees shall have at least three members, each of whom serves a three-year term, and the terms of these members shall be staggered to provide continuity. The chairs of Standing Committees and members to fill vacancies on Standing Committees shall be appointed by the President or other officer with the approval of the Policy Council. With the approval of the Policy Council, the President shall appoint members to fill vacancies in all Standing Committees. The composition of Standing Committees shall be published annually. Since the scope of committees may overlap, it is the intention of these Policies that the committee chairs communicate and cooperate with one another to serve the best interests of the Society. The President shall oversee the activities of all Standing Committees and decide on matters in dispute between committee chairs. The Standing Committees and all other committees created by the Policy Council shall make recommendations to the Policy Council.

Compensation. There will be no compensation for members of the Standing Committees. All activities are done on a volunteer basis. Expenses may be reimbursed in accordance with the Policies of the Society.

Ad hoc Committees

Chapters & SIGs

VP Chapters & SIGs: Stefano Armenia
AVPs Chapters & SIGs: Vinicius Picanço Rodrigues & Eduardo Ferreira Franco


Volunteers: Peter Hovmand, Inge Bleijenbergh, Christine Tang


VP E-Presence: Bob Eberlein
VP Marketing & Communications: Thomas Wittig


VP Finance: Eliot Rich
Volunteers: Sharon Els, Jim Lyneis, Sean Morgan


PC member and Leader: Raafat Zaini
PC members: Scott Rockart, David Keith, Juan Pablo Torres
Volunteers: Eric Roseman, Marla Gugenheimer, Christine Tang, Kelechi Odoemena, Martha Toy


VP Marketing and Communications: Thomas Wittig
AVP Marketing and Communications: Raafat Zaini
Marketing & Communications Director: Fernando Redivo
Volunteers: Christine Tang, Kelechi Odoemena, Martha Toy, Monique Ann Tiongco


VP Membership: Asmeret Naugle
AVPs Membership: Burak Guneralp & Shane Carnohan


VP Meetings: Sara Metcalf
AVP Meetings:
Billy Schoenberg
Program Committee:
    Program Chairs: Allyson Beall King, John Pastor Ansah, Saras Chung
    Program Coordinator: Raquel Buzogany
Thread Chairs
Workshop Chairs: Jack Homer, Hazhir Rahmandad and James Paine
SOC Chairs: Christine Tang

Volunteer Coordinators: TBD

University Innovation

Office: Rebecca Niles, Meagan Colvin
Volunteers: Ricardo Salinas, Chris Browne

Additional information about Committees of the System Dynamics Society is available in the Bylaws and Policies.

Any officer wishing assistance in carrying out prescribed duties may appoint Ad Hoc Committees, provided that the term of said committee falls within the officer’s own term of office and provided said committee does not infringe unduly upon the authority of a Standing Committee or an officer of the Society.