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Dana Meadows Award Committee

Relation between the Awards Committee and the Dana Meadows Student Prize Committee: The Awards Committee shall, with the approval of the Policy Council, establish awards, define the procedures to be followed in making those awards, and appoint the committees responsible for administering the awards. [Motion 103, Winter Policy Council E-Meeting January/February 2008]

The Committee agreed to the idea of 5-year nominal terms: current members can continue their service; new members will be advised that they are expected to serve for 5 years (barring unforeseen developments); members who resign will be replaced by consensus of the Committee. The set of criteria for membership that guides the Committee includes, but is not limited to, experience and competence in SD that is complementary to the current Committee, experience in dealing with students and respect for the values that Dana demonstrated in her writings. [Report, Winter Policy Council E-Meeting January/February 2008]