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Call for nominations

The nominating committee of the System Dynamics Society is working on establishing the slate of candidates for the Policy Council three-year term from 2025-2027 and it seeks your self-nomination or nomination of others.

policy council authority and duties

The authority and duties of the Policy Council, according to the SDS bylaws, are:
“The Policy Council shall be the chief legislative, policy-making, judicial, and review body of the Society. It shall have preemptive authority in matters over all officers, members, applicants, committees, special interest groups, and other bodies created by the Society. The Policy Council shall establish the Policies, objectives, and programs and other guidelines for the Society and shall authorize their implementation by means of suitable budgets, resolutions, authority for contracts and expenditures; by creating and staffing positions and committees; by approving appointments; through amendments to the Policies; and by such other actions as it may deem necessary. The Policy Council shall review the manner in which the officers of the Society carry out their respective duties. It shall fill vacancies in the Policy Council in accordance with the manner specified in these Bylaws and Policies.”

open positions

The committee is looking for candidates for:

  • 4 Policy Council members at large. Each member of the Policy Council must be a member of the Society and be at least 18 years of age. In addition, they should have renewed their SDS membership at least once so far.

  • Vice President Marketing & Communications.

  • Vice President Meetings.

  • Vice President Professional Practice.

  • Secretary.

  • President Elect. The President shall plan and supervise the affairs of the Society; shall preside at Policy Council meetings and general business meetings of the Society; shall be the Society’s chief representative before the public and in its relationships with other persons and organizations; and shall ensure any vacancies in Standing Committees are filled, subject to Policy Council approval. At the conclusion of the term in office, the President shall serve as a member of the Policy Council for one year with the title “Past President.” The President shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Administrative Committee. Must also be an SDS member.