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2021 Society Sponsorship

$1000 - $25,000+

Sponsorship of the Society provides the opportunity to support the growth of a global community of scholars and practitioners who use System Dynamics  while simultaneously accruing recognition online and in print.  Annual sponsorship of the Society requires a minimum commitment of $1000 to the Annual Fund which will provide us the flexibility to apply funds where they are most needed.  Sponsors may contribute more levels to provide additional support and unlock additional benefits.  For more information about the benefits of Society sponsorship, please see the detailed description below or reach out to the Executive Director.

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Sponsorship includes 3 regular or 6 student memberships (add two names to each field). Recipients will receive a coupon code. Use N/A if unneeded and TBD if you will provide names later.
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For returning sponsors, we will use existing materials unless new ones are providing. For new sponsors, we offer you a hearty welcome and request the following now or later via email.
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Sponsorship of the Society provides the opportunity to support the growth of a global community of scholars and practitioners who use System Dynamics while simultaneously accruing recognition online and in print.

  • Three regular memberships or six student memberships with all the benefits that accrue to members;
  • The option to sponsor an unlimited number of additional members at a rate of $100;
  • Graphic of your design on the Society’s website with a link to the page of your choice;
  • Recognition and amplification on all the Society‚Äôs social media outlets including Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter;
  • Opportunity to post an article to the wiSDom, the Society’s blog;
  • Opportunity to send news to our mailing list twice each year;
  • Listing on conference website, presentations, and on-site during the conference; and
  • Listing in the System Dynamics Review hard copy and link to the Sponsor page on the Wiley Online Library.

Annual sponsorship of the Society requires a minimum commitment of $1000.  We welcome additional unrestricted donations to our Annual Fund which will provide us with the flexibility to apply funds where they are most needed.

For those who prefer to specify a project for their donation, we offer a few new sponsorship opportunities for your consideration in 2021.  Each project has been progressing, but will benefit from further funding to increase our capacity to deliver.  Funding will not only further these efforts, but provide internships fo the many students and recent graduates ready, willing, and able to take them on.  Sponsors will have their logo prominently displayed on the relevant page and will have the opportunity to shape the next iteration of the service. With enough funding we can make great progress toward realizing our vision for a Society that provides strong centralized support for the field worldwide.

These initiatives are described more fully below:

Career Link:  If recent graduates cannot find positions in the field, the outflow of trained modelers will thwart our efforts to grow capacity for high quality modeling.  In 2020, the Society moved to more proactively identify and share open positions of interest to the community.  We also made a platform shift that made it easier for job posters to enter their own listings and for job seekers to search for meaningful options within an expanded list.  We hope to continue to maintain this service and to continuously improve the platform to better serve the field. This will require dedicated resources and some investment in technology, but should result in a robust jobs marketplace that will keep recent graduates in the field.

Seminar Series:  In 2020, we introduced the System Dynamics Society Seminar Series.  These online events have been very well received with upwards of 150 in attendance.  This new member benefit has renewed interest in joining, generated additional revenues to support our mission, and provided an opportunity for attendees to learn together outside of the annual conference week.  We are investing in infrastructure to expand this offering and provide more opportunities for members to convene.  Funding for a dedicated resource and an improved technical platform will help us to accomplish this.

Covid-19 Resource Page: In response to the pandemic, the Society cobbled together a Covid-19 Resource page to help connect the many people modeling in this area.  As we continue to be ravaged by the virus, this resource could use additional dedicated efforts to maintain and improve upon it.

Learning Resources: President Birgit Kopainsky created the Society’s Learning Committee.¬† ¬†The first project completed was the online course catalog – a crowdsourced resource for those seeking to learn more. The team now has many more ambitious initiatives in the works including the development of a consortium of college curriculum sharing through Acadeum, a partnership with Worcester Polytechnic Institute to make their online courses more accessible, and an effort to improve accessibility to the Jay Forrester Seminar Series.¬† This important work would progress more quickly with resources dedicated to bringing them to life.

Marketing the Field:    The Society has shifted significant resources to marketing the Society and the field.  This includes investment in social media, email marketing, and even this new and improved website.  We hope to continue this investment and build our capacity to do even more. With the help of sponsors we hope to become even better at spreading the word about the unique benefits of a systems approach.  Given more funds we would strive to improve our public relations capability and consider outreach to the media to help them be more systemic in their reporting.