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From Text to Map: A System Dynamics Bot for Constructing Causal Loop Diagrams

May, 15 at 11 am NY | 4 pm London | 11 pm Beijing | Time Converter

From Text to Map: A System Dynamics Bot for Constructing Causal Loop Diagrams

Join us to delve into the innovative System Dynamics Bot, a tool designed to automate causal loop diagram creation from text. Learn how it performs in converting text to maps, see practical examples, and understand the challenges and solutions in its development.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain insight into the capabilities of large language models in system dynamics and model building.
  • Understand the effectiveness of the System Dynamics Bot in identifying key relationships within textual data.
  • Discover the challenges encountered and solutions implemented during the development of this tool.

This webinar is ideal for system dynamics practitioners, data analysts, and anyone interested in the intersection of artificial intelligence and model building. Sign up to explore how this technology can streamline your modeling processes and enhance your understanding of complex systems.

About the Presenters

Niyousha Hosseinichimeh has a PhD and a master’s degree in public administration and policy from State University of New York at Albany, and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Sharif University, Iran. She is currently an assistant professor at the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech. Her research focuses on developing and applying methods to improve health and healthcare systems. She uses simulation models to help stakeholders improve their understanding and decision making in complex dynamic systems. She has applied system dynamics approach to diverse health issues including infant mortality, mental health, and alcohol impaired driving among teens. Her methodological contributions include expanding calibration methods for dynamic models and developing techniques for system dynamics group model building. Her research has been funded by the National Institute of Health, National Science Foundation, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Ohio State Department of Health, and Burroughs Wellcome Fund.


Artificial Intelligence and System Dynamics in Business and Management

April 3 at 11 am NY | 4 pm London | 11 pm Beijing | Time Converter

This webinar presents the dynamic interplay between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and System Dynamics (SD) in business and management. As AI’s role in solving complex challenges and redefining system interactions grows, it becomes imperative to examine its synergistic relationship with System Dynamics.

This session unveils the results of a thorough literature review, employing integrated bibliometric and topic modeling techniques to probe the extent and nature of AI and SD’s convergence in business and management. Our study focused on a pivotal research question: “To what extent and in which direction is the literature on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and System Dynamics (SD) converging within the business and management landscape?”

Highlights of our findings:

  1. In-depth bibliometric analysis: uncovered the intersections of academic discussions on System Dynamics and AI, charting the evolution and patterns of their convergence.
  2. Advanced topic modeling discoveries: delved into the intricacies of AI and System Dynamics integration, as revealed by cutting-edge topic modeling, offering a granular view of this convergence.
  3. Dual convergence pathways: assessed the nuances of “soft convergence,” where AI enhances System Dynamics with a focus on social dynamics, against the backdrop of “hard convergence,” where AI is a catalyst in reengineering system design and interdependencies.
  4. Emerging trends and strategic implications: presented a reflection on why soft convergence currently dominates the business landscape and how hard convergence could emerge as a groundbreaking approach in System Dynamics research and application.

The webinar welcomes scholars, researchers, and industry practitioners. This session seeks to provide insights and forward-thinking perspectives on the intersection of these two fields.


About the Presenters

Francesca Iandolo, PhD, is a Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Management at Sapienza University of Rome. She graduated with her master’s degree in accounting with honours and holds a PhD in Management with a dissertation thesis on Viable Systems Approach (vSa), value creation, and sustainability. Her research interests concern the application of systems theories to corporate sustainability and the role of technology diffusion within digital platforms. Francesca serves as a Representative of the Researchers in the Department Board of Management and the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Economics at Sapienza University of Rome. Additionally, she is the Academic Coordinator for Mobility at the Faculty of Economics, Sapienza University of Rome. She participated in several national and international conferences as a track proponent and chair and published in national and international journals. She is a chartered accountant and junior consultant for private companies.

Giuliano Maielli’s research spans the fields of business history and organization studies. His work focuses upon technological and organizational innovation through the analytical lens of “design hierarchies”, with a particular interest in path-dependence and path-creation as socio-organizational phenomena. Giuliano has published peer-reviewed academic papers on these topics, while his current research revolves around platform innovation dynamics, the internet of things and industry 4.0.

Stefano Armenia is a Tenure-track Lecturer (Ricercatore TDB) in Business Organizations and in the Analysis of Dynamical Systems at the Università Telematica degli Studi in Florence., where he teaches “Business Organizations” and “Marketing communication techniques”. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering, Industrial Automation & Control Systems, a Ph.D. in Business Engineering and a Master in Management and Business Administration. He is member of the System Dynamics International Society (SDS) since 2002, President of the System Dynamics Italian Chapter (SYDIC – the Italian Network of the SDS) since 2011 and member of the SDS Policy Council from 2014 to 2022, where he also acted as VP Chapters & SIGs. From 2014 to 2017 he has also been the IT & Communication Officer of the European Academy of Management. In 2021 he has obtained the national scientific status as associate professor in Business Organizations (ASN 2021, SSD: SECS-P/10, 3 out of 3 median indicators) His professional background includes extensive knowledge of main funding programs at national (Italian) and International level with a specific experience on research programs. Among his previous roles, he has acted as Bid Manager, Project Manager and Professional Consultant in several fields, both in the Public Administration and Industrial environments. In his research work, he deals with the analysis of complex systems dynamics in many fields: cybersecurity, critical infrastructure protection, logistics and sustainable transportation, finance, technological innovation, policy modelling and assessment of impacts of innovation and new technologies (Digital Transformation) on organizational processes and on society. From 2014 to 2020 he has been co-editor in chief of the Kybernetes Journal (Emerald-Insights) and currently is Associate or Guest editor in several other scientific journals in the field of system dynamics (IJASS, IJMABS). He is an author of several papers in top-ranked journals and has been involved in various initiatives dealing with sustainable development and Climate Change (he has led the Climate Action Exercise in several previous occasions, both at public and private level). He has been involved in different researches dealing with sustainable development and other environmental issues (i.e. Carbon Capture & Sequestration, Urban Sustainable Development, etc.) as well as with the translation of sustainability best sellers (i.e.: “Thinking in Systems” by Donella Meadows).

Pietro Vito, PhD in Management, is a researcher in Economics and Business Management at the Sapienza University of Rome. His research interests cover the methodological aspects of business management from a systemic and vital perspective, as well as thematic aspects related to sustainability, environmental protection, intellectual capital, and artificial intelligence.