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How Did En-ROADS Get 755,000 users? Lessons on Modeling, Interface Design, and Facilitation

May, 8 at 11 am NY | 4 pm London | 11 pm Beijing | Time Converter

How Did En-ROADS Get 755,000 Users? Lessons on Modeling, Interface Design, and Facilitation

In this participatory webinar, Drew Jones of Climate Interactive will share insights on how to create a System Dynamics model and online simulator that will succeed at improving mental models and system performance at scale. The teams at Climate Interactive, MIT Sloan, and Ventana Systems designed its System Dynamics models C-ROADS and En-ROADS with the goal of improving the understanding of climate policy choices amongst decision-makers around the world, leading to deliberate strategies in three major areas: 1) modeling, 2) interface/UX design, and 3) facilitation, workshop design, game creation, training, and user support. This webinar will cover the design decisions made over the ~30 years of the project, generalizing the more universal insights for any system dynamics project.

About the Presenter

Andrew (Drew) Jones is Co-Founder and Co-Director of Climate Interactive. An expert on international climate and energy issues, his quotes and data stories appear in the New York Times, The Washington Post, and other media. Jones and his team at CI and MIT Sloan developed the climate simulations used by John Kerry and others to secure the 2014 bi-lateral U.S.-China deal that set up the Paris Agreement, as well as currently in the White House and Congress. Trained in System Dynamics modeling at Dartmouth College and MIT, Jones has worked at Rocky Mountain Institute and was a protégé of Dana Meadows. Jones co-accepted the System Dynamics Society’s award for the best real-world application of modeling. He won Dartmouth College’s Ray W. Smith award for the most significant contribution to the status of the College.

Special Guests

Florian Kapmeier is Professor of Strategy at ESB Business School at Reutlingen University, Germany. He received his doctorate from the University of Stuttgart on “Interorganizational Learning in Learning Alliances”. He has strengthened his academic profile with research visits at MIT Sloan School of Management (Cambridge, USA), McGill University (Montréal, Canada), University of Lugano (Switzerland), and Emlyon Business School (Lyon, France). For his research and teaching activities, he links the System Dynamics methodology with empirical research on theory development and testing, focusing on organizational aspects of the understanding of complexity, increasingly addressing environmental sustainability issues. He works closely with the Climate Interactive to raise awareness of the consequences of climate change, using the suite of Climate Interactive’s simulation models. Florian has collaborated closely with Climate Interactive to develop the En-ROADS Climate Workshop, the Climate Action Simulation Game, and resources for the World Climate Simulation. In addition, he has helped translate both event materials and website resources for the World Climate Simulation. Florian has facilitated numerous En-ROADS and World Climate events with groups between 12-60+ people since 2014, from high-school and university students to corporate and political policy makers.