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Cleanstart: Simulating a Clean Energy Startup

In this FREE live, web-based simulation, participants play the role of the founder of a new startup company in the exciting and competitive clean tech sector.

Can you develop your technology into a successful company? You must set prices each quarter, decide how many engineers and salespeople to hire, and set compensation, including salary, stock, options, and profit sharing. Will you pitch your firm to venture capitalists or bootstrap and remain 100% employee-owned? Will you win customers and become cash flow positive before you run out of funds? Will you succeed and take your firm public?”



John D.Sterman, PhD Field Leader and Jay W. Forrester MIT Professor of System Dynamics and Engineering Systems

Director, MIT System Dynamics Group

David Miller, PhD

Clean Energy Ventures, Co-founder and Managing Partner

Entrepreneurship & System Dynamics

Entrepreneurialism is risk-taking, leadership, strategy, vision, resilience, value creation, and hard work. Strategy is front and center in the face of uncertainty and when results are not meeting expectations. What is the right marketing model? How do we increase product adoption? What are the barriers? How can we improve strategic insight?

System dynamics models capture reinforcing and balancing loops resulting in growth or decline and delays experienced in entrepreneurship, like what drives innovation, new products and services, customer acquisition, barriers or delays to growth through regulation, and more. Simulating models about adoption, growth limitations, and other dynamics provides an understanding of the most influential factors at play, including decision thinking.

Decision-making behavior is crucial to study and understand. System Dynamics simulations challenge assumptions in a risk-free environment while increasing action learning that can be applied in real-world scenarios.

Event Features

Interactive Simulation

In this live, web-based simulation interactive event, participants play the role of the founder of a new startup company in the exciting and competitive clean tech sector.

Learning Objective

Experience the challenges of building a startup company in a demanding competitive environment, including financial, human resource, strategic, and other decisions.

Action Learning

Encouraging exploration and innovation, simulations are risk-free environments to challenge mental models and day-to-day assumptions.