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Useful Open Source Tools


Minsky is a System Dynamics program with a unique feature that makes it easy to model monetary dynamics. Called a “Godley Table”, this lets you model financial flows using the accountant’s tool of double-entry bookkeeping.

Minsky brings system dynamics and monetary modeling to economics. Models are defined using flowcharts on a drawing canvas (as are Matlab’s Simulink, Vensim, Stella, etc). Minsky’s unique feature is the “Godley Table”, which uses double-entry bookkeeping to generate stock-flow consistent models of financial flows.

This software is good for demonstrating mathematics too, with the most “math-like” interface in System Dynamics.

Minsky was developed by Prof. Steve Keen. Read More

R Project

A number of people working in System Dynamics find R from the R project to be very useful. It is general-purpose software for doing statistical analysis and graphing of data.


Simulating System Dynamics Models in Python: This project is a simple library for running System Dynamics models in python, with the purpose of improving the integration of Big Data and Machine Learning into the SD workflow. PySD translates Vensim or XMILE model files into python modules, and provides methods to modify, simulate, and observe those translated models.

There are a large number of open-source tools available for Vensim. Further details are on the website at