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Oceania Chapter Courses

New to systems thinking / system dynamics?

If you are just beginning your journey, have an interest in systems thinking in general, or want to know what system dynamics is all about, you may be interested in checking out some of these free online courses.

Note: There is a much more extensive list of courses of all types and levels of competence (some free, some not) here

Title URL Provider
Model Thinking University of Michigan
Systems Learning The Schumacher Institute
Natural Resources Management University of Bergen
Systems Archetypes Courses Waters Center for Systems Thinking
Open University Courses (Multiple) Open University
Thinking Complexity Iversity   Toulouse Business School
Road Maps, A Guide to Learning System Dynamics Creative Learning Exchange
Habits of Systems Thinkers Waters Center for Systems Thinking
Mastering Systems Thinking in Practice OpenLearn
Sustainable Food Security: The Value of Systems Thinking Wageningen University & Research
Systems Practice Acumen Academy
Systems Thinking and Complexity Future Learn
Systems Thinking and Systems Modelling Loops Consulting   The Sustainability Laboratory
Tools of Systems Thinking Waters Center for Systems Think

Introductory system dynamics courses

If you are interested in obtaining the basic skills to develop system dynamics models, check out the following online courses.

The Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) System Dynamics Foundations is now available on-demand online! This is a classic introductory course in System Dynamics that was taken by hundreds of WPI students from the different degree and professional programs since 2005. This course will be self-led and self-paced without guidance from an instructor.

The list below provides links to a number of other free online courses.

Title URL Provider
15.871: Introduction to System Dynamics MIT Open Courseware
Dynamic Business Modelling – Getting Started Strategy Dynamics Ltd
Introduction to System Dynamics Sustainable Solutions
Small System Dynamics Models for BIG ISSUES Center for Systems Thinking
Supply Chain Dynamics MIT edX
Supply Chain Modelling Tilburg University
System Dynamics (Gene Bellinger) Insight Maker – Kumu
System Dynamics Methods: A Quick Introduction Arizona State University
Introduction to System Dynamics Packet Creative Learning Exchange
Systems Thinking In Public Health Johns Hopkins University