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Managing the Dynamic Nature of Cyber Security

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By Sander Zeijlemaker

We observe an increasing number of cyber attacks across the globe. Recent data breaches indicate that organizations continue to remain susceptible to cyber attacks. In order to give organizations tools to lower their cyber risk, Dr. Sander Zeijlemaker’s book “Managing the Dynamic Nature of Cyber Security: A future-proof strategy, this is how it works” explains how forward-looking simulation techniques can augment current decision-making practices in order to govern cyber risk and define solid security strategies.


By Sander ZeijlemakerDISEM Institute

Today's society is also known as the digital society. This society is technologically interconnected and characterized by constantly evolving digital concepts, such as e-health, the smart city and Industry 4.0. An effective cyber security strategy plays an indispensable role.

Following an incident, organizations often seriously discuss ad-hoc responses. But to get to grips with the situation, a solid cyber security strategy is necessary. Decision-makers urgently need to perceive cyber security, with its dynamics and complexity, as a normal field of management.

Dr. Sander Zeijlemaker, RA RE CISA CISM SCF, has a PhD in cyber security investment decision-making. He is a strategist, consultant and writer who focuses on the predictability of complex strategic issues. "Managing the Dynamic Nature of Cyber Security" is a practical guide for business leaders, executives and decision-makers. It is supported by dynamic modelling in:
  • Defining effective security strategies.
  • Conducting long-term analysis for critical indicators relevant to a cyber security strategy.
  • Implementing management information provision for continuous monitoring.

This book is a must-read for anyone who needs to make critical cyber security decisions.

About the author:

Dr. Sander Zeijlemaker is a strategist, consultant, and writer who specializes in the predictability and understandability of dynamic, complex, and strategic decisions. He has spent his career advising policymakers and business leaders in the fields of international strategic IT operations, business change, and global cyber risk. Speaking to audiences around the world, Dr. Zeijlemaker provides unique insight into the dynamic and complex nature of cyber risk. He is a research affiliate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an agenda contributor to the World Economic Forum.

As president of the global Security, Stability, and Resilience (SSR) Special Interest Group (SIG) of the System Dynamics Society, Dr. Zeijlemaker mobilizes and connects a group of professors, practitioners, and students in this field.  

Available for purchase (in English) on Amazon in the following countries:

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