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WPI Real World Dynamic Models Micro-Course 2


WPI Real World Dynamic Models Course

The online, on-demand Real World Dynamic Models micro-course at WPI covers several models that capture real-world dynamic phenomena like oscillations, growth, and decline, and delays in business organizations, markets, and sports.  This is the second micro-course of WPI’s System Dynamics Foundations series, which includes a total of 3 micro-courses.

The course is available to the public for $199. Society members receive a $25 discount. Members will need to use the Society Member Promotion Code when registering for the course directly on WPI’s website to apply the discount.

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Welcome to the Real World Dynamic Models micro-course! This on-demand, self-paced online course covers several models that capture real-world dynamic phenomena like oscillations, growth, and decline, and delays in business organizations, markets, and sports.   This is the second part (therefore lecture numbers start from 6 and not 1) of a classic introductory course in System Dynamics that was taken by hundreds of WPI students from different degree and professional programs since 2005. Seventeen years after its original debut by Jim Hines and Jim Lyneis with special appearance of Oleg Pavlov, we decided to make it accessible to a larger audience and split its content into digestible self-paced micro-courses while keeping its original video content intact. We have added more practice exercises to help gauge your learning along the way. This is the second micro-course in a series of three. We hope you will enjoy it and most importantly learn! WPI’s new Professional Development Online will allow you to take these micro-courses individually and earn a certificate of completion for each, or complete the sequence of all three (plus an additional comprehensive assignment) to earn the System Dynamics Foundations badge.

Available Now

Coming soon

  • Micro-course 3: The Practice of Modeling Dynamic Systems
  • After earning the System Dynamids Foundations badge, you can opt to apply to WPI to become a matriculated student, earning graduate credit in the corresponding course by completing a capstone project with a mentor. By becoming a WPI student, you will have access to Vensim DSS, Stella Architect, and other useful software that WPI provides.
Learning Outcomes:
  • Recognize several real world phenomena and their underlying structures.
  • Explain observed behaviors (growth, equilibrium, decline, and oscillation) and how they are generated and controlled. 
  • Understand fundamental concepts like delays, aging chains, and adjustment processes.
  • Describe some of the implications of policy interventions.
  • Welcome to the Course
  • Lecture 6: Growth and Decline Mechanisms of Populations
  • Lecture 7: Growth and Decline Processes in Business and More
  • Lecture 8: Market Growth Model
  • Lecture 9: Oscillations
  • Lecture 10: Managing Oscillations In real world environments
  • Lecture 11: Supply Line Dynamics
  • Lecture 12: The Hog Model
  • Jim Hines, Ph.D. & Jim Lyneis, Ph.D., Oleg Pavlov, Ph.D.
Course Developer:
  • Raafat Zaini, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Social Science and Policy Studies Department. E-Mail:
Recommended Readings:    

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