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China Chapter – About us – Jack Jia

贾建国 Jack jia


学者 Scholar 

前 华为创新和研究开发管理专家 Former expert in innovation and R&D management, Huawei Technology

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电话 Phone: +86-xx




1996.9-1999.9 博士,管理科学,复旦大学

1995.9-1999.6 博士,物理,复旦大学

1993.9-1995.7 硕士,核物理,复旦大学

1984.9-1989.7 本科,物理与工程,清华大学

Education Background

1996.9-1999.9 Ph.D in Management Science, Fudan University


1995.9-1999.6 Ph.D. in Physics, Fudan University

1993.9-1995.7 Master, Nuclear Phyiscs, Fudan University

1984.9-1989.7 Bachelor, Physics & Engineering, Tsinghua University


中国系统工程协会 系统动力学委员会副主任委员


Vice director of System Dynamics Committee in the Systems Engineering Society of China


1998.8-2009.3 技术开发主管,上海阿尔卡特

2009.3-2021.3 创新和研究发展管理专家,华为科技


Working Experience

1999.8-2009.3 Development Tehnology Director, Alcatel shanghai Bell Co ltd

2009.3-2021.3 Expert in innovation and R&D management, Huawei Technology,



系统动力学建模方法论结合 个体为本建模,空间时间序列,智能系统



Research Interests

System dynamics modeling for economics system, biological and medical system, helthcare system

System dynamics Modeling methodology combining with ABM, space and time serials, Intelligent system

科研项目  Research Projects

I had worked as modeling resposbile for following system dynamics projects:
1. System dynamics modeling for control policy of Xinjiang cotton production, 2020
2 Covid-19 control policy SD modeling for whole china and typical province and cityof china (hubei, wuhan and shanghai), 2019
3. SD modeling for synthetic carrying capacity for the bohai sea coastal zone of China, 2011, 2015
4. System dynamic modeling for sustenable development of Pingtai island comprehensive test area, 2011-2012
5. The system dynamic modeling for the eutrophication control of Diangsha Lake, 2011-2012
6. The system dynamic modeling for Hyperglycemia in SIRS (Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome), 2008 at Santa FEI insitute, US
7. Modeling health care system of china combing the urban and rural areas, 2007-2008
8. The System Dynamics modeling for the loess plateau of china sustanable development evaluation, 2008-2010
9. The System Dynamics modeling for China car market growth after entering WTO , 2000

著作及论文 Books & papers

1.Jidi Zhao, Jianguo Jia, Ying Qian*, Lumin Zhong., Jiancong Wang, Yuyang Cai*.  COVID-19 in Shanghai: IPC Policy Exploration in Support of Work Resumption Through System Dynamics Modeling. Risk Management and Healthcare Policy, 2020,13:1951-1963.
2. Zhao, J.#, Jin, H.#, Li, X., Jia, Jianguo, and etc, Disease Burden Attributable to the First Wave of COVID-19 in China and the Effect of Timing on the Cost-Effectiveness of Movement Restriction Policies. Value in Health. Volume 24, ISSUE 5, P615-624,
3.The Innovation Waves in Mobile Telecommunication Industry,IEEE Engineering Management Review ( Volume: 46 , Issue: 3 , third quarter, Sept. 1 2018 ),Jianguo Jia ; Tariq S. Durrani  ; Jin Chen
4. System Dynamics Modeling for Medicine Price Policy in China,International System Dynamics Conferences, Boston, USA, 2007,
5. System Dynamics Modeling for Overtime Management Strategy of Software Project, International System Dynamics Conferences, Boston, USA, 2007
6. 基于一般均衡的两部门经济演化模型及模拟,《同济大学学报(自然科学版)》 ISTIC PKU – 2005年3期- 王效俐 , 贾建国
7. 复杂性之系统动力学探究,王其藩, 贾建国, 李农,2004年全国系统动力学学术会议
8. 加入WTO对中国轿车市场需求影响研究,《系统工程理论方法实践》,2001/10,(第一作者)
9. A Two-Sector Economy Evolution Model Based on The General Equilibrium and Its Simulation. Proceedings of the 3rd world congress on intelligent control and automation June28-July2, 2000,Hefei., (第一作者)
10. 组织学习与系统动力学回顾,《中国管理科学》, 2000/7, (第三作者)
11 “基于新古典增长理论的两产业系统动力学模型及对于经济增长问题的研究“,《系统工程理论方法和应用》,1998年第7卷第4期,1998年12月,第54-62页。, (第一作者)
12. 系统动力学模型在基础设施研究中的应用,《管理工程学报》,1999年1期
13. 基础设施的系统动力学模型及其应用,《系统工程理论方法应用》,1998年第1期。(第三作者)
14. 增长受限的系统基型,《世界经济文萃》,1997年特刊。(第三作者)
15. “关于知识经济本质的思考”,《科学》,第50卷第6期,1998年6月,第13-17页。
16. 知识、知识资本及对于生产过程的再认识,《中国软科学》,2001/10,(第一作者)