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New Member Orientation and Networking April 2024

Member Orientation

by | Apr 15, 2024

The System Dynamics Society has recently hosted a New Member Orientation aimed at introducing new participants in the community. The session, led by SDS President, Allyson Beall King, and Director of Outreach, Meagan Colvin, provided an overview of the Society’s structure, mission, and opportunities for member involvement. The agenda included an introduction to the Society’s objectives, its staff, and the myriad of resources it offers.

Highlights from the Orientation

Introduction to Staff and Structure: The session provided detailed information on the organizational structure of the Society, introducing key personnel and their roles within the Society, from various locations around the globe.

Member Resources and Benefits: The orientation highlighted several benefits for members, such as:

  • Discount on conference registration fee
  • Free access to all seminars and recordings
  • Reduced prices and some free courses for online learning.
  • Free access to the System Dynamics Review.
  • Membership in various Special Interest Groups (SIG) and Chapters with networking opportunities.

Interactive Sessions: The event included a question-and-answer segment where participants engaged directly with leaders, enhancing the interactive nature of the orientation.

Networking Opportunities: There was a special segment for networking, where Chapter and SIG leaders introduced themselves and shared insights into their activities, promoting community interaction among members.

The New Member Orientation underscored the System Dynamics Society’s commitment to providing valuable resources and fostering a collaborative environment. It emphasized the Society’s dedication to tackling significant global issues through System Dynamics.

For those interested in a deeper understanding of the membership benefits and to hear firsthand from Society leaders, we encourage watching the recording of the event. This will provide prospective and current members with a comprehensive view of the opportunities available within the System Dynamics Society.

Watch the recording below

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