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Recording: Workshop Visualize and Analyze Complex Challenges the Easy Way

by | Feb 12, 2024

Kai Neumann’s recent workshop  provided a practical and in-depth exploration of modeling complex challenges using the iModeler. With over 25 years of experience in systems thinking and modeling, Neumann’s session was a treasure trove of insights and hands-on learning.

The core of Neumann’s workshop was an engaging walkthrough of qualitative modeling using the iModeler software. His approach emphasized the significance of starting with a clear target factor and systematically exploring influences and outcomes. This process highlighted the power of qualitative models in identifying key levers in complex systems.

Participants engaged in an interactive modeling exercise focusing on the creation of a qualitative model. Neumann adeptly guided the exercise, starting from the identification of a primary factor – in this case, the availability of drinking water – and progressively building a complex model. This exercise illuminated the practical aspects of modeling, such as identifying direct influences, categorizing factors, and understanding the interplay between different elements.

A standout feature of the session was Neumann’s demonstration of the “insight matrixes” technique for analyzing qualitative models. This method provides a nuanced understanding of the impacts of various elements within a model over different time frames. This analysis is crucial for pinpointing effective strategies and interventions in complex scenarios.

This workshop offered an invaluable perspective on System Dynamics modeling. By focusing on the practical aspects of creating and analyzing qualitative models, Neumann equipped participants with tools and methodologies essential for tackling complex challenges in various domains. His expertise in the field, coupled with a hands-on approach to teaching, made this workshop a great learning experience for anyone keen on learning System Dynamics.

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About the Presenter

Kai Neumann has over 25 years of experience serving as a full-time systems thinker and modeler, both as a business consultant and scientist. His expertise spans a broad range of topics, including systemic strategy development, process optimization, global energy transition, food security, and transformation. Additionally, he delves into e-mobility, artificial intelligence, welfare economics, and political strategies. His extensive experience and diverse skill set make him a valuable asset in various fields.


About Consideo iModeler

Consideo iModeler is a cutting-edge software tool designed to visualize and analyze complex situations, making it easier for users to plan, make decisions, and communicate more effectively. This software stands out for its unique Insight Matrix feature, which provides a revolutionary way to handle complexity. It allows both qualitative and quantitative modeling, including System Dynamics for scenario modeling.

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