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Maintenance Improvement at ONEgas

Maintenance Improvement at ONEgas

Client ONEgas
Authors/Consultants Venderbosch T, Rouwette E

ONEgas is a company owned by Shell and NAM and is responsible for gas production in the Netherlands. This modeling effort focused on the maintenance process in ONEgas. The maintenance processes at the ONEgas platforms are supported by the SAP PM module. After the implementation of SAP Blueprint it turned out to be difficult to improve the performance of the maintenance process. Uncovering the structure behind the large amount of data captured in the SAP system was thought to be a necessary to identify improvements.

Four facilitated system dynamics (group model building) sessions were held at ONEgas. The model was constructed over a period of seven months, integrated participants’ opinions with SAP system data.

After testing and validation the model was used to test improvements in maintenance in different scenarios. Recommendations focused on capacity for work preparation and base crew, purchase time for material and effective working hours. Final results were captured in a report, presentation to management and a management flight simulator.

An extensive evaluation shows that participants have increased their insight into the maintenance process and are committed to implementing recommendations. The direct client was highly satisfied with the outcomes of the modeling effort.

In summary, the benefits delivered in this case are more insight into the maintenance process in ONEgas and recommendations on how to improve its performance. Participants in the model building process indicate their confidence in conclusions and willingness to implement recommended changes.

More Information

Venderbosch, T. (2007). Using Group Model Building to optimize the maintenance process in an ERP environment at ONEgas. Unpublished master thesis, Radboud University Nijmegen, Nijmegen.
System Dynamics Admins
System Dynamics Admins