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1987 Proceedings – Shanghai, China

The 5th International Conference

of the System Dynamics Society

1987 – Shanghai, China

The following papers were presented at the conference in parallel and plenary sessions. The original printed proceedings, edited by Qifan Wang and Robert Eberlein, were printed in hardcopy and distributed at the conference. Below please find the Paper Index for these proceedings. Papers are listed alphabetically by the last name of the first author. Available papers are Acrobat (.pdf) files and can be read using Acrobat Reader available from

To view titles and abstracts on a searchable page, click here.

For details about purchasing a copy of the printed proceedings, visit our website System Dynamics Society.

PAPER INDEX – listed alphabetically by first author:

Adler, Karen J.    Depression, Perception and Cognition
Bakken, Bent E.   A System Dynamics Approach to Group Formation and Productivity
Bakken, Bent E.   Simulation Games – Do People Really Learn?
Bapna, Raj Kumar with Sushil K. Sharma   A Quantitative Performance Measure and Its Application to System Dynamics
Bapna, Raj Kumar with Sujoy Ghose and Sushil K. Sharma   Beyond DYNAMO: Future System Dynamics Simulation Programming
Barlas, Yaman with Stanley Carpenter   A Fundamental Philosophy of Science Question and Validation of System Dynamic Models
Breiter, Andres E.  Must Government Owned Enterprises Be Less Efficient Than Private Ones?
Clark, Thomas D.   Parks and Natural Resources Management: A Systems Study
Davidson, Pål I. with John D. Sterman and George Richardson   A Petroleum Life Style Cycle Model for the United States with Endogenous Technology, Exploration, Recovery, and Demand
Diallo, Amadou with R. Joel Rahn   Application of Modal Analysis to Large System Dynamics Models
Doll,Georg   Sales-Oriented Product-Innovation-Rates A New System Dynamics Approach to Research & Development Budgeting
Drew, Donald R. with Lee D. Han   System Dynamics Model of Infrastructure Induced Development of Taiwan
Eberlein, Robert L. with James H. Hines   Model Restructuring
Fang, Meiqi   A Dynamic Modelling System with Chinese Character DYNAMO as the Kernel –Software Tool for System Dynamics
Ford, Andrew with Peter Gardiner   Bringing the Results of the Bonneville Project to the Classroom
Guetzkow, Harold   Development and Utilization of Global/World Models in International Affairs
Horiuchi, Toshiyuki with Wang Mohang, Akira Shimizu and Toshiro Simada   Design and Analysis of the Development Model in Chiba Prefecture
Hu,Yukui with Suling Jia   System Dynamics Model for Studying the Impact of Tech-Progress on Economics
Jiang,Yongning   Thought Criteria for Use of System Dynamics
Jin, Hui with Bao Lui and Jisong Kou  Research of Decision and Planning on the Development of Tianjin Can Industry-Application of System Dynamics
Jutila, Sakari T.   Dynamic Modeling of Adoption, Rejection and Life Cycles of Innovations
Kameyama, Saburo Kameyama with Takahiro Kojima, Akira Uchino and Kinnya Machida   Accounting Dynamics – Its Concepts and Model
Keloharju,Raimo   Simplification by Planning: The Third Way
Kishi, Mitsuo with Keitaro Noda, Yuji Yamashita and Katashi Taguchi   A Prototype Expert System for System Dynamics Modelling
Lambert, André with Louis Lohle-Tart   A Systemic View of the Population of China, Today and Tomorrow
Lee, Jiyang and Qifan Wang   Applying System Dynamics to the Study of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
Li, Puhua with Chunpeng Tang  SD Model of Urban Water Using of Tianjin
Lin,Ruiji   CISD- – A Normative Method for Technology Assessment
Millen, Roger Neil   Process/Production Control: A System Dynamics Study
Milling, Peter M.   Manufacturing’s Role in Innovation Diffusion and Technological Substitution
Moffatt, I.   Towards an Integrated, Intelligent Knowledge Based System for Dynamic Modelling
Paul ,H.   A System Dynamics Model of Transportation Energy Demand
Qin, Datang with Tongrun Zhao and Zhishan Wu   An Application of System Dynamics to Beijing Urban Ecosystem Research
Rahn, R. Joel   Aggregation of Oscillating Subsystems
Rego, Juan with Juan A. Vega   Probabilistic Generation of Scenarios for Argentina, Using a Elemental Harrod-Domar Model of Growth
Roberts, Nancy with Tim Barclay and Tim Kreutzer   Modeling Tools for Problem-Solving
Sancar, Fahriye Hazer   Implementation and Evaluation of a Modeling Approach to Community Development Planning Meeting the Challenge of Paradigm Breakdown
Schoenberg, Ronald with Albert J. Bergersen   Decomposing the Long Wave Through a Non-Parametric Stochastic Measurement Model
Senge, Peter  Catalyzing Systems Thinking within Organizations
Shimada, Toshiro Shimada with Kenji Fukushima, Hirokazu Mizushima, Kinya Machida and Akira Uchino   A Simulation Model for Dental Diseases
Shorb, Alan McK   Money- A Systems View
Sun, Dongchuan Sun   R-SD: The Comprehensive Development and Utilization of Water Resources of Rivers
Tao, Jianhua with Ming Tang, Xing Zhang and Jinfang Chen   The Mechanism and Program of Demand and Supply of Talent in ESE (Education-Society-Economy) System
Wang,Qifan   Philosophical Views and Basic Theories of System Dynamics
Wang, Qifan with Bingyi Wang   The Comparative Study of System Dynamics and Synergetics
Wang,Qifan with Jianglin Dong   A Look into the Future of Microelectronics in China
Wang,Qifan with Guangle Yan   The Parameter Quasi-Optimization for System Dynamic Models
Wang,Qifan with Haizhou Huang   The Comparative Study on System Dynamics and Grey System Theory
Wang,Qifan with Haizhou Huang   The System Dynamics Analysis of the National Financial and Monetary System of China
Wang,Qifan with Ma Shan   Some of the Limits to the Growth of Big City in China
Wang,Qifan with Bing Wu and Jianglin Dong   Economic Structure Changes and Their Impacts on Chinese Economy
Wang,Qifan with Xinnong Yang   The Coordinative Development of Boomtown in Industry, Society in China
Wang, Xiaoting with Qifan Wang   The Behavior of Industrial and Investment Structures in the Change of Demand and Supply
Wang, Hongbin with Demin Yao   The System Dynamics Model for Policy Analysis of the Forest Industry System
Wu, Jianzhong with Gang Wu   Rural Dynamics: A Study on the Exploitation and Protection of the Rural Resources in a Southern Province of China
Wu, Wenhua with Chingrui Xu and Shaozhong Jiang   General System Dynamics Simulation Software System – ZU-DYNAMO
Xia, Yunguan Xia with Wangkang Chen   The Study of Planned Economy and Market Economy of Oil and Engine Demand in the Equilibrium System through S.D.
Xu, Chingrui Xu with Shaozhong Jiang, Yiqun Xing and Jiasheng Wang   Dynamic Modeling and Policy Analysis for National R&D Resource Allocation Decisions
Yang, Ching T. with Zi-yuan Xu   A Tentative SD Model Applicable to the Study of Local Education Development Strategy and Policy Analysis in the Urban Area of Shanghai
Zhang, Jue   Control and Administration of the Investment Hanger and Consuming Expansion
Zhang, Nai-guang with Cheng-hong Hu   A System Dynamics Model and Policy Analysis for Rural Socio-Economic Development of a Provincial Lake Area
Zhu, Mingjie with Chenghong Hu   Application of System Dynamics to Cardiovascular System Biofeedback Regulation of BP for Hypertensives

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