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1985 Proceedings – Keystone, CO USA

The 3rd International Conference

of the System Dynamics Society

1985 – Keystone, CO USA

The following papers were presented at the conference. The original printed proceedings, edited by Merrill E. Warkentin, were printed in hardcopy and distributed at the conference. Below please find the Paper Index for these proceedings. Papers are listed alphabetically by the last name of the first author.
Available papers are Acrobat (pdf) files and can be read using Acrobat Reader available from

To view titles and abstracts on a searchable page, click here.

For details about purchasing a copy of the printed proceedings, visit our website System Dynamics Society.

PAPER INDEX – listed alphabetically by first author:

Ammentorp, William with Paul Gunderson   Catastrophe Theory and Public Policy: The Dynamics of Provider Behavior in the Nursing Home Industry
Andrade, Raul S.   Modeling a Public Employment Office: Report on a Pitfall
Backus, George A. with Jeffrey S. Amlin   Combined Multidimensional Simulation Language, Database Manager and Sensitivity/Confidence Analysis Package for System Dynamics Modeling
Barlas, Yaman   Comparing the Observed and Model-generated Behavior Patterns to Validate System Dynamics Models
Bradley, Mark A.   A Dynamic Approach to Investigate Household Car Ownership and Usage
Breiter, Andrew S.   Gaining Acceptance for a Systems’ Dynamics Models
Breiter, Andrew S. with Mariangela Gasparotti   The Dynamics of Robots’ Introduction in the Electric Appliances Industry
Bull, Mike with Andrew Ford and Roger Naill   The Importance of Feedback in the Pacific Northwest Electric Conservation Planning Model
Câmara, A.S. Câmara with J.A. Fernades, M.G. Viegas, A.P. Amaro    System Dynamics Modelling Analysis Techniques–A Pragmatical Appraisal
Câmara, A. with M. Pinheiro, P. Antunes and J. Seixas   Linguistic Simulation in Planning Theory and Application
Cats-Baril, William L. with Wifred Roth and Richard H. Zeliff   A System Dynamics Model to Examine the Effectiveness of Research and Education in Reducing Societal Costs Due to Low Back Pain
Charlesworth, J. A.   The Dynamics of Transportation Systems
Clark, Rolf with Albert A. Pisani    Defense Resource Dynamics
Diehl, Ernst W.   Adjustment Dynamics in a Static Input-Output Model
Dolci, Paolo V.   A System View of Transportation System
Dolci, Paolo V. with Maria A. Puddu   INFLOW: from Influence to Flow Diagram in System Dynamics
Eberlein, Robert L.    Linear Analysis and Model Simplification
Eberlein, Robert L. with Qifan Wang   Statistical Estimation and System Dynamics
Eidson, John C. with Charles H. Braden and Dale F. Schultz   Period Doubling and Approach to Chaos in a Simple Context
Eriksen, Hans Esmann with Erland Hejn Nielsen   A Report on the Utilization of the MOSES Computer as a Tool in Development and Dessimination of System Dynamics Models
Franco, Douglas    The Banking System: A System Dynamic Profile
Fritz, Richard G.   Economic Development and Financial Deepening: A Study of Causation and Dynamics
Gardini, L. with H. Sedehi and R. Serra   A Reduced Dynamic Model for Evaluating the Impact of Man on the Environment
Garga, Krishan Kumar with N. K. Gupta and B. Thapar   Dynamics of Power Supply and Demand
Górecki, H. with A. Korytowski   On Relations Between Feasible Observations and Decisions
Gould, Janet Marjorie   Artificial Intelligence: A Tool for System Dynamics
Graham, Alan K. with D. Neal Scogin   Generic Models as Educational Tools: Teaching About Managing Technology Conversions
Gupta, N.K. with Krishan Kumar Garga   Future of Aluminium Demand in India-A System Dynamics Approach
Hines, James H.   System Dynamics National Model Interest Rate Formulation: Theory and Estimation
Homer, Jack B.   ” By Prescription Only”: A Computer Simulation Game for Understanding the Emergence of New Medical Treatments
Huot, Jean-Claude with Yves Sylvestre   An Application of System Dynamics to the Construction Management of a Major Building
Jenkins, Allan   Bringing Systems Thinking to a General Audience
Jiaoliang,Liu with Yin Liuying and Liu Yongkang   An Analysis on the Impact of the Population Control on Chinese Economic Development
Jie, Zhao Chong   System Dynamica Generalized Modeling for Forecasting Multiproduct Substitution
Kampmann, Christian E.   Disaggregating a Simple Model of the Economic Long Wave
Khanna, Indra K. with N. Singh and Prem Vrat   System Dynamics in Urban Transportation Planning and Policy Analysis
Kreutzer, David P.   A Microcomputer Workshop Exploring the Dynamics of Arms Races
Kurono, Hironori   Information Network and Risk Management
Levine, Ralph L. with Mary Van Sell and Beth Rubin   A Model of Burnout in the Work Place
Lodwick, Weldon A. Lodwick and Ralph Levine   Finding Qualitative Behavior Modes: The Use of Interval Analysis to Perform Sensitivity, Stability, and Error Analysis on Dynamic Models
Lyneis, James M.   Leverage and the Performance of Electric Utilities: How Feedback Assumptions Affect Policy Conclusions
Maday, Clarence J.   Dynamic Scheduling of Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Mandal, Purnendu with Eric F. Wolstenholme   National Development Policies for Developing Countries
Moffatt,I.   A Conceptual Framework for Modelling the Dynamics of Environmental Systems
Morrison, Foster   Predictability and Forecasting
Mosekilde, Erik with Steen Rasmussen, Henrik Joergensen, Flemming JaIler and Claus Jensen   Chaotic Behaviour in a Simple Model of Urban Migration
Narchal, R.M.   A Simulation Model for Corporate Planning in a Steel Plant
Narchal, R.M.   A System Dynamics Model for Corporate Planning for an Engineering Company
Nijland, G.O. Nijland with J.H.G. Klabbers, G. J. Truin and A.J. M. Plasschaert   Dynamics of Dental Care in the Netherlands: A System Dynamics Approach
Olson, Lars   A Dynamic Model of the Atlantic Salmon Fisheries Under Distant and Home Water Harvesting
Peterson,Steven   Using STELLA and System Concepts to Teach Microeconomics
Powell, Sonja C.  vAn Analysis of Congressional Process based on the Work of Karl W. Deutsch: A System Dynamics Model
Pugh, Alexander L. III with D. Ross Hunter and Craig A. Stephens   Packaged System Dynamics Models
Richardson, John M. Jr.   Developing Nation: A System Dynamics Model
Richmond, Barry  vSTELLA: Software for Bringing System Dynamics to the Other 98%
Rose, Mark with Phil Merk   Forecasting the Demand for a New Drug in a New Market:When History Does Not Repeat Itself
Saeed, Khalid Saeed   Poverty, Hunger, and Development Policy
Sancar, Fahriye H. with Robert J. Cook Aids for Customizing Generic System Dynamics Models: A Community Development Example
Sancar, Fahriye H. with Robert J. Cook  vCognitive Criteria for Structuring System Dynamics Models
Sedehi, H. with P.Verrecchia   An Evaluation of the Management of Stocks in a Chemical Company
Senge, Peter M.   System Dynamics, Mental Models, and the Development of Management Intuition
Shreckengost, Raymond C. with Ray Thompson   The Financial Dynamics of Small Business Growth and Survival
Sichling, Georg H. with Petra Sichling   What is Economic Energy?
Silva-Midences, Jorge   Systems Simulation for Regional Analysis. An Application of Matrix Input-Output to Istmo De Tehuantepec
Sinha, Gopal with Goutam Dutta   A System Dynamic Model of Blast Furnace for Project Evaluation
Sterman, John D.   A Skeptic’s Guide to Computer Models
Sterman,John D. with Dennis Meadows   STRATEGEM-2: A Microcomputer Simulation Game of the Kondratiev Cycle
Sterman,John D. with George P. Richardson   An Experiment to Evaluate Methods for Estimating Fossil Fuel Resources
Sun, Feixiang with Shaozhong Jiang   The Application of System Dynamics to the Analysis of GERT Networks
Swart, Johan   Sensitivity of an Ecological System Dynamics Model to Combination Parameter Changes
Vescuso, Peter   Using STELLA to Create Learning Laboratories: An Example from Physics
Wang,Qifan with Xiaoting Wang   The Analysis of the Accumulation Rate in China
Wang,Qifan with Yang Xin Nong   Studying Technological Progress and its Impact on Economic Growth in China
Wang, Qifan with Xiaobo Zhang, Xiaoting Wang, Xingnong Yang and Yuqing Xiu   Stimulations and Obstructions to the Economic Growth of China
Warkentin , Merrill E.   MRP and JIT: Teaching the Dynamics of Information Flows and Material Flows with System Dynamics Modeling
Wheeler, Frederick P.   The Irregular Disturbance of Control Policy in a Dynamic System
Wolstenholme, E. F.   Algorithmic Control Modules for System Dynamics Models
Wolstenholme, Eric F. A Methodology for Qualitative System Dynamics
Wu, Jien-Chung with Huan-Chen Wang and Mao-Kang Some Applications of the Macro-socioeconomic Model-SD to a Province of China
Young, David F. KBSIM- A Knowledge Based Tool and its Use in Model Preprocessing
Young, Showing H. with Tai Ma and Chien M. Chao A Simulation Model for Managing the Parking Systems of Kaohsiung: A System Dynamics Approach

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