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2022 Conference Highlight #intheloop

2022 Conference Highlight #intheloop

by | Sep 27, 2022 | Education, In The Loop News, News

2022 Conference Highlight

Is System Dynamics the Missing Subject in our Educational System?

Is System Dynamics so valuable that we should encourage its inclusion in our educational system? This year, presentations at International System Dynamics Conference (ISDC) supported this hypothesis. The President of System Dynamics Society, Shayne Gary, noted a growing trend in appreciating systems thinking as a useful tool to explain complexities. The ever-expanding requirement to cope with a complex world opens room for increased utilization of System Dynamics in our daily life. The power of the method was proved in the global study “Limits to Growth” fifty years ago. Jorgen Randers reflected on this Anniversary by comparing the initial study results with today’s worldwide situation. The project signals one of the most important features of System Dynamics, the capacity to describe phenomena and present their behavior in time, on a global scale.

From Our Community

Recording & Resources: Multisolving Working With Complexity and Interconnection – Watch

Reading: System Dynamics Focuses More on Sustainability Than the Sustainable Development Goals – Read

Open Model: Baby Formula Shortage – Simulate

Reading: Examining the Success of Women of Color-Owned Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the United States – read


Book: Understanding the Dynamics of Nuclear Power and the Reduction of CO2 Emissions: A System Dynamics Approach – Buy

Book*: The Sustainability Puzzle – Buy
*FREE with the code OURFUTURE


Professor and Department Chair – Environmental, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences | UMass Lowell

Research Associate | Loughborough University

Assistant Professor | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Quantitative Analyst | Exelon


System Dynamics Review
What Jay Didn’t Tell Us: Hidden Gems in the System Dynamics Practices of Jay W. Forrester – read

Animal – Science Proceedings
Non-Linear Thinking: From Mental Models to Mathematical Models in Animal Science – read

Using Cascaded and Interlocking Generic System Archetypes to Communicate Policy Insights—The Case for Justifying Integrated Health Care Systems in Terms of Reducing Hospital Congestion – read

Mineral Economics
Perspectives on Exploration and Extraction of Seafloor Massive Sulfide Deposits in Norwegian Waters – read

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Recent News

South Africa Chapter Conference #InTheLoop

South Africa Chapter Conference #InTheLoop   South Africa Chapter Annual Conference Transforming our World of  SystemsNovember 16 – 18 | FREE Registration The South Africa System Dynamics Chapter (SASDC) is hosting its 10th annual Conference to create a...

China Chapter News

China Chapter News China Chapter News The 2022 China Chapter Annual Meeting & Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (SUIBE) System Dynamics Young Scholars Forum was successfully held on September 13 as a combination of online and offline....

Upcoming Events

Exploring Careers in System Dynamics

Exploring Careers in System Dynamics

11 am NY | 4 pm London | 12 am Beijing | Time Converter Exploring Careers in System Dynamics Join us for an engaging panel discussion on careers in System Dynamics featuring experts Sharon Els, Eduardo Romanovski, and Georg Pallaske, moderated by Shane Carnohan. This...

Recent Business cases

Twinings Uses System Dynamics Games to Enhance HR Capability

Twinings Uses System Dynamics Games to Enhance HR Capability “Realistic simulation is a powerful approach to building capability. The business simulation developed [by Dashboard Simulations and Lane4] gave [Twinings staff] an experience that called for them to develop...

RSC Uses System Dynamics to Increase HVACR Sales Against the Tide

RSC Uses System Dynamics to Increase HVACR Sales Against the Tide “Using the proven Strategy Dynamic process focused our limited resources on organizing strategic issues, identifying the critical resources, and developing the insight to more rapidly create intuitive...

Achieving a Polio-Free World Through System Dynamics Simulation

Achieving a Polio-Free World Through System Dynamics Simulation EXECUTIVE Summary This System Dynamics model underpinned a 192 country resolution to eradicate polio globally and led the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to give Rotary International $100 million to...

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