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2022 Presidential Address #intheloop

2022 Presidential Address #intheloop

by | Sep 13, 2022 | In The Loop News, News


By Shayne Gary – President of the System Dynamics Society

The current president of the System Dynamics Society addressed our worldwide community at the 2022 Conference in Frankfurt. He highlighted Society updates, challenges, and opportunities.

“We’ve got some really exciting opportunities [such as] connecting and building relationships with rapidly growing adjacent communities. We can also capitalize on the growing appreciation that many complex problems require a systems perspective.”

Shayne Gary 
President of the System Dyanamics Society

2023 Systems Travel Award

Apply Today!

Systems will be awarding one Travel Award to a junior scientist. This award provides financial support for the winners to attend an international conference in the field of systems to be held in 2023

From Our Community

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Recording: Introduction to Economics and System Dynamics – Watch


Book: Managing the Dynamic Nature of Cyber Security – Buy

Tutorial: Population Explained: World Dynamics – Modeling with Minsky – Watch


Director of Modeling & Technology | Climate Interactive

Graduate Research Assistant | Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Postdoc: Societal Aspects of Industrial Decarbonisation | Radboud University

Customer Success Manager | Silico


System Dynamics Review
Using Analytical Equations to Represent Nonlinear Relationships – read

Documenting the Modeling Process With a Standardized Data Structure Described and Implemented in DynamicVu – read

Exploring the Impacts of COVID-19 on Coastal Tourism to Inform Recovery Strategies in Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa – read

ACS Publications
Systems Thinking for Effective Interventions in Global Environmental Health – read

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